SF Cover Starter+ & Annual Ryegrass

SF Cover Starter+ & Annual Ryegrass

50% / 50% Blend of SF Cover Starter+ and Annual Ryegrass

  • Seeding Rate: 30 lbs/acre

SF Cover Starter+ Annual Ryegrass: 
SF Cover Starter+ cover crop mix builds Nitrogen and root mass while improving soil tilth and biomass potential.

  • Crimson clover allows mix to decompose quicker, conserve water and decrease nitrogen immobilization
  • SF Cover Starter with the addition of crimson clover, fixing nitrogen for grass cash crops
  • Crimson clover is fairly quick to establish, adding biomass and additional root structure
  • Nitrogen is maximized at clover flowering, however spring management will need to be considered
Quick growing, cool season annual grass. Provides nutrient sequestration, erosion control and compaction alleviation. It also adds biomass and organic matter while improving soil structure.


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