SF Multi Purpose & Winter Triticale

SF Multi Purpose & Winter Triticale

50% / 50% Blend of  SF Multi-Purpose and Winter Triticale

  • Seeding Rate: 120 lbs/acre


SF Multi-Purpose
SF Multi-Purpose cover crop mix is formulated with the livestock grazer in mind, providing soil protection and biomass from fall through spring.

  • This seed mix fits into several systems – after silage or small grain harvest
  • Good option to seed on acres where leftover nutrients exist
  • Formulated ideally for maximizing forage through multiple grazing cycles
  • Formulated for forage production and multiple grazing cycles (fall and spring)
Winter triticale is a cross between wheat and rye grain, bringing together the cover crop benefits and tonnage potential of cereal rye with the increased feed value of wheat.


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