Sunn Hemp

Sunn Hemp

Planting Window: Before mid-July

Sunn Hemp cover crop legume seed is a warm season legume, upright and quick in its growth habit. Sunn Hemp needs 60°F soil temps before it can planted and will kill at the first signs of frost.

  •  Produces significant amounts of nitrogen in 60 days depending on conditions
  • Tolerant of dry conditions and low fertility
  • Can add up to 5,000+ lbs. of biomass per acre in 7-8 weeks
  • Research has shown levels of nematode suppression (root knot, borrowing)
  • Seeding Rate: 15 lbs/acre


Non-Forage Benefits:
1 = Poor; 5 = Excellent

3 3 4 2 4 5 3 Scavenger


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