In 2017 we harvested…

13,007 forage plots

in Eastern Canada alone!

Research-driven Performance


Through DLF Pickseed, we operate the most extensive private forage testing program in Canada!

When selecting forages, DLF Pickseed focuses on yield, persistence, re-growth and improved forage quality. The DLF Pickseed research program contains the most extensive private forage testing program in Canada, with seven replicated trial locations throughout the Country. 

Trial Set-up

DLF Pickseed research stations in Ontario are home to over 4000 forage plots. Each plot in a trial is three feet wide by seventeen feet long. Each plot represents 1/1000th of an acre. There are 4 randomized replications of all varieties within each trial.


DLF Pickseed tests against current products, competitor check and experimental varieties. Each trial runs for three production years. Our trial locations are all across Canada! These Canadian locations ensure Canadian performance on Canadian farms!



Legume trials are harvested three to four times per season. Grass trials are harvested two to three times per season at the appropriate maturities. We harvest using our new RCI Engineering 36A Forage harvester.

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